Employee Overview

Upon successful completion of the probationary periods, employees of Peltram Plumbing are offered the following benefits:

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance (60 Days- First Month Following)

  • Aflac Supplemental Insurance (60 Days- First Month Following)

  • Paid Holidays (90 Days)

  • Uniforms (90 Days)

  • Paid Sick Leave (90 Days)

After 6 months of continuous service, employees are offered:

  • 401K plan
  • Annual Tool Reimbursement
  • Annual Safety Equipment Reimbursement

  • Paid Vacation (PTO)

Peltram Plumbing, LLC specializes in New Construction in the areas of Residential, Multi-Family and Commercial projects. Whether you hold a residential specialty license or a Journeyman license put your skills to work with us.

Apply on-line or in person at our Auburn location.

For those interested in learning the plumbing trade, Peltram Plumbing, LLC
offers apprenticeship opportunities. Please visit Washington State Department of Labor & Industries website to learn more about the Plumber certification process and how to obtain a plumber trainee card – www.lni.wa.gov

Peltram Plumbing, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Employee Benefits

1) Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance
After successful completion of the probationary period, employees are eligible to enroll for medical insurance. Peltram Plumbing currently offers three United Healthcare (UHC) medical insurance plans (Base PPO $2000/yr. deductible, Buy-Up PPO $1500/yr. deductible and Health Savings Account (HSA) $2500/yr. deductible).  Peltram pays 100% of employee premiums for the UHC Base PPO plan and the UHC Health Savings Account plan alongside a “Buy-Up” PPO plan at a nominal weekly premium.  These plans are also available through UHC – Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance.

2) Empower is the 401k plan Administrator  —  www.empowermyretirement.com
Employees who are at least 18 years of age and have completed 6 months of continuous service are eligible to join our 401K plan. Peltram Plumbing offers an employer match of 100% of the first 4% of an employees income deferred into the plan.  The 401K plan is offered through Empower.

3) Aflac Supplemental insurance
Any employee who has successfully completed their probationary period may elect to purchase supplemental insurance plans through Aflac. There are several plans to choose from.  Contact our HR department for the Aflac representative’s contact information.