Journeymen and Apprentice Plumbers

Thursday, December 9th
2 PM – 6 PM

1929 W Valley Hwy S, Suite 101
Auburn, WA 98002


Peltram Plumbing is the state’s largest provider of residential construction plumbing services in Washington. Born from a father and son team 37 years ago, we now employ over 120 plumbers in the field, completing the plumbing in well over 1,500 single family homes a year and nearly 1,000 multifamily commercial units as well.


Not just a job, but a career in where your efforts are rewarded with in depth knowledge and training from the industry leaders in the field as well as in the books. By doing so we have developed a team of dedicated employees whose drive to be the best in the industry have built us up to hold an outstanding reputation in the plumbing industry for employee longevity, pay and benefits.


For Apprentices it takes drive, dedication and determination to see an apprenticeship through to licensure. The apprenticeship is overseen by the state ad takes three years at a minimum. The work is hard, in the elements, and at a substantial work pace. Experience in construction, manufacturing or mechanical environments lends itself best to this trade.

For Journeymen and Project Managers, high knowledge of the UPC Code, project scheduling, materials ordering and a strong track record of keeping jobs on a schedule are a must. Leading and training apprentices in not just job completion but in materials, tools, safety, code and work ethic must be the norm.