About Us

The Peltrams

Karel Peltram Jr. (left) and Karel Peltram Sr. (right)

Peltram Plumbing has been installing systems for homebuilders and commercial developers for over 30 years. Father and son founders Karel Peltram  Sr. and Karel Peltram Jr. created the company just a short time after coming to the United States. Since then, they have successfully created a company reputation for having the highest level of customer service and performance in the industry.

Today, we continue our work with large volume home builders and commercial developers designing and installing the plumbing for new home communities and commercial buildings.  Along with handling the Rough-In and Trim phases, we are also licensed to install residential fire sprinkler systems and NFPA13-D designated systems.

Our company is founded on hard work and reliability, and we continue with that theme even today. We take great pride in seeing our customers return time and time again and we’re always excited for their next big project. When we’re on the job we always make sure to give them a reason to return to us for years to come.